This is what we can do!

Ge 7 builds a great variety of houses.

According to your dreams and imagination, you can choose a National Revival house, house traditional for your area, modern architecture house, Mediterranean house, single, two or three storey house, ridge roofed, pent-roofed, deck-roofed or any kind of roof you want, house with veranda, balcony, terraces, house with a roof terrace, loggia or a porch or whatever else you desire. You can wish for a “snug little house” or a big luxury house or a small simple styled house. You can also choose a two family house.

The house’s construction can be traditionally reinforced concrete construction or wooden!

Ge 7 team will advise you and help you to choose the best version.

After you have made your choice and all is set, Ge7 will turn your dream into an investment project and will implement it in a brilliant way